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Booyah, seat’s on

machined seat post

Yay machinist dude who made this nifty adapter. It converts a pre-war seat tube to a 7/8″ seatpost.

seat post in position

Plonk, dropped right into the seat tube on the first try.

seat post installed

…and the seat mounted perfectly on top. It’s still adjustable (although I won’t need it raised); I just need to pick up a carriage bolt and the seat is done!

* * *

I had the pleasant experience of cycling out to West Newton this morning on route 16, through Watertown, to pick up a part from Harris Cyclery. Generally speaking, the roads are wide enough to comfortably accomodate both cars and cyclists, although there were few marked bicycle lanes. Cars were able to pass easily; one car beeped and the driver and passenger waved happily to me (wai cool). I saw a recumbant, and a few other cyclists, and it felt good to stretch my legs and be outside.

However, there was an interesting merge from Watertown St. onto Washington Street — a long-cycle red light with a ‘no turn on red’ sign. I stopped and waited for the light, as did the car to my left. We patiently waited for the light to change, but the other cars in line started honking. I heard one driver yelling something about ‘right on red’. It’s too bad that one driver trying to do the right thing is so maligned.


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